klein2000: Data from Klein, Bliese, Kozlowski et al., (2000)


This data set contains the complete data used in Klein et al. (2000). The Klein et al. chapter uses a simulated data set to compare and contrast WABA, HLM, and Cross-Level Operator Analyses (CLOP). The simulated data set was created by Paul Bliese.




A data frame with 9 columns and 750 observations from 50 groups

[,1] GRPID numeric Group Identifier
[,2] JOBSAT numeric Job Satisfaction (DV)
[,3] COHES numeric Cohesion
[,4] POSAFF numeric Positive Affect
[,5] PAY numeric Pay
[,6] NEGLEAD numeric Negative Leadership
[,7] WLOAD numeric Workload
[,8] TASKSIG numeric Task Significance
[,9] PHYSEN numeric Physical Environment


Klein, K. J., Bliese, P.D., Kozlowski, S. W. J, Dansereau, F., Gavin, M. B., Griffin, M. A., Hofmann, D. A., James, L. R., Yammarino, F. J., & Bligh, M. C. (2000). Multilevel analytical techniques: Commonalities, differences, and continuing questions. In K. J. Klein & S. W. Kozlowski (Eds.), Multilevel Theory, Research, and Methods in Organizations (pp. 512-553). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, Inc

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