bhr2000: Data from Bliese, Halverson and Rothberg (2000)

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This data set contains the complete data used in Bliese, Halverson & Rotheberg (2000). The data set contains 14 variables with individual ratings of US Army Company leadership, work hours, and the degree to which individuals find comfort from religion. The leadership and workhours variables are subsets of the Bliese and Halveson (1996) data set; however, in the case of leadership, the agree data set contains the 11 items that make up the scale whereas the bh1996 data set contains only the scale score. Most items are on a strongly disagree to strongly agree scale. The RELIG item is on a never to always scale.




A data frame with 14 columns and 5,400 observations from 99 groups

[,1] GRP numeric Group Identifier
[,2] AF06 numeric Officers get willing and whole-hearted cooperation
[,3] AF07 numeric NCOS most always get willing and whole-hearted cooperation
[,4] AP12 numeric I am impressed by the quality of leadership in this company
[,5] AP17 numeric I would go for help with a personal problem to the chain of command
[,6] AP33 numeric Officers in this Company would lead well in combat
[,7] AP34 numeric NCOs in this Company would lead well in combat
[,8] AS14 numeric My officers are interested in my personal welfare
[,9] AS15 numeric My NCOs are interested in my personal welfare
[,10] AS16 numeric My officers are interested in what I think and feel about things
[,11] AS17 numeric My NCOs are intested in what I think and fell about things
[,12] AS28 numeric My chain-of-command works well
[,13] HRS numeric How many hours do you usually work in a day
[,14] RELIG numeric How often do you gain strength of comfort from religious beliefs


Bliese, P. D. & Halverson, R. R. (1996). Individual and nomothetic models of job stress: An examination of work hours, cohesion, and well-being. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 26, 1171-1189.

Bliese, P. D., Halverson, R. R., & Rothberg, J. (2000). Using random group resampling (RGR) to estimate within-group agreement with examples using the statistical language R.

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