univbct: Data from Bliese and Ployhart (2002)

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This data set contains the complete data set used in Bliese and Ployhart (2002). The data is longitudinal data converted to univariate (i.e., stacked) form. Data were collected at three time points.




A data frame with 22 columns and 1485 observations from 495 individuals

[,1] BTN numeric BN Id
[,2] COMPANY numeric Co Id
[,3] MARITAL numeric Marital Status
[,4] GENDER numeric Gender
[,5] HOWLONG numeric Time in Unit
[,6] RANK numeric Rank
[,7] EDUCATE numeric Education
[,8] AGE numeric Age
[,9] JOBSAT1 numeric JOBSAT Time 1
[,10] COMMIT1 numeric Commitment Time 1
[,11] READY1 numeric Readiness Time 1
[,12] JOBSAT2 numeric JOBSAT Time 2
[,13] COMMIT2 numeric Commitment Time 2
[,14] READY2 numeric Readiness Time 2
[,15] JOBSAT3 numeric JOBSAT Time 3
[,16] COMMIT3 numeric Commitment Time 3
[,17] READY3 numeric Readiness Time 3
[,18] TIME numeric 0 to 2 time maker
[,19] JSAT numeric Jobsat in univariate form
[,20] COMMIT numeric Commitment in univariate form
[,21] READY numeric Readiness in univariate form
[,22] SUBNUM numeric Subject number


Bliese, P. D., & Ployhart, R. E. (2002). Growth modeling using random coefficient models: Model building, testing and illustrations. Organizational Research Methods, 5, 362-387.

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