cohesion: Five cohesion ratings from 11 individuals nested in 4...

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This data set contains five cohesion measures provided by 11 individuals. The individuals providing the measures are members of four platoons further nested within two larger units. This data file is used for demonstative purposes in the document "Multilevel Modeling in R" that accompanies this package.




A data frame with 7 columns and 11 observations

[,1] UNIT numeric Higher-level Unit Identifier
[,2] PLATOON numeric Lower-level Platoon Identifier
[,3] COH01 numeric First Cohesion Variable
[,4] COH02 numeric Second Cohesion Variable
[,5] COH03 numeric Third Cohesion Variable
[,6] COH04 numeric Fourth Cohesion Variable
[,7] COH05 numeric Fifth Cohesion Variable

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