reorder.sca <-
  function(x, neworder, ...){
    # Reorder Factors of fit SCA model
    # Nathaniel E. Helwig ([email protected])
    # last updated: August 19, 2015    
    # check neworder
    neworder <- as.integer(neworder)
    nfac <- ncol(x$B)
    if(length(neworder)!=nfac) stop("Incorrect input for 'neworder'. Must have length equal to number of factors.")
    if(!identical(seq(1L,nfac),sort(neworder))) stop(paste("Incorrect input for 'neworder'. Must be unique integers in range of 1 to",nfac))
    # reorder factors
    x$B <- x$B[,neworder]
    x$C <- x$C[,neworder]
    x$D <- lapply(x$D, function(x) x[,neworder])
    if(x$type!="sca-p") x$Phi <- x$Phi[neworder,neworder]

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