Man pages for ncappc
NCA Calculations and Population Model Diagnosis

calc.statCalculates a set of statistics for a given array of numbers.
dv.plotPlots drug plasma concentration vs time data
est.ncaEstimate individual NCA metrics.
histobs.plotPlots histogram of selected set of NCA metrics.
histpop.plotPlots population histogram of the NCA metrics selected for...
nca.check.obsCheck observed data
nca.check.simCheck simulated data
nca.deviation.plotPlot individual deviation of NCA metrics estimated from...
nca_ind_dataPrepare individual PK data
nca.ind.dataPrepare individual PK data
nca.npdeCalculates individual normalized prediction distribution...
nca.npde.plotPlots population histogram of the NCA metrics selected for...
nca.pde.deviation.outlierCalculates individual prediction distribution errors (PDE)...
ncappcPerforms NCA calculations and population PK model diagnosis. observed data
out.digitsoutput value with correct digits and trailing zero
read_nm_tableRead NONMEM table files produced.
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