Man pages for nlmixr2est
Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models in Population PK/PD, Estimation Routines

addCwresAdd CWRES
addNpdeNPDE calculation for nlmixr2
addTableAdd table information to nlmixr2 fit object without tables
assertNlmixrFitAssert that this is a nlmixr2 fit object
assertNlmixrFitDataAssert that this is a nlmixr2 fit data object
bobyqaControlControl for bobyqa estimation method in nlmixr2
boxCoxCox Box, Yeo Johnson and inverse transformation
cholSEGeneralized Cholesky Matrix Decomposition
dot-foceiPreProcessDataThis function process the data for use in focei
dot-nlmFinalizeListFinalizes output list
dot-nlmFreeEnvFrees nlm environment
dot-nlmixr2estLastPredSimulationInfoGet the least prediction simulation information for VPC
dot-nlmixr2objectNameAssignAllows external methods (like those in nlmixr2) to assign...
dot-nlmixrNlmeFunA surrogate function for nlme to call for ode solving
dot-nlmixrNlmFunCA surrogate function for nlm to call for ode solving
dot-nlmixrNlminbFunCA surrogate function for nlminb to call for ode solving
dot-nlmixrNlsDataReturns the data currently setup to run nls
dot-nlmixrNlsFunA surrogate function for nls to call for ode solving
dot-nlmixrNlsFunValInternal nls functions for minpack.lm
dot-nlmixrOptimFunCA surrogate function for optim to call for ode solving
dot-nlmSetupEnvSetup a nonlinear system for optimization
dot-popedFreeFree Poped memory (if any is allocated)
dot-popedSetupSetup the PopED environment
dot-popedSolveIdMESolve poped problem for appropriate times with multiple...
dot-popedSolveIdNSolve poped problem for appropriate times (may already be...
dot-rxGetDVFTransformGet the DV transformation
dot-saemDropMuRefFromModelDrop mu referenced etas and covariates
dot-uiApplyMu2This is an internal function for modifying the UI to apply...
dot-uiFinalizeMu2This is an internal function for replacing the ui with...
foceiControlControl Options for FOCEi
foceiFitCpp_Fit/Evaluate FOCEi
getBaseSimModelFitMethod for getting simulation rxode2 classic models based on...
getValidNlmixrControlGet valid nlmixr control object
lbfgsb3cControlControl for lbfgsb3c estimation method in nlmixr2
n1qn1ControlControl for n1qn1 estimation method in nlmixr2
newuoaControlControl for newuoa estimation method in nlmixr2
nlmControlnlmixr2 defaults controls for nlm
nlminbControlnlmixr2 nlminb defaults
nlmixr2nlmixr2 fits population PK and PKPD non-linear mixed effects...
nlmixr2AllEstShow all the current estimation methods
nlmixr2AugPredSolveAugmented Prediction for nlmixr2 fit
nlmixr2CreateOutputFromUiCreate nlmixr output from the UI
nlmixr2EstGeneric for nlmixr2 estimation methods
nlmixr2Gill83Get the optimal forward difference interval by Gill83 method
nlmixr2GradFunCreate a gradient function based on gill numerical...
nlmixr2HessCalculate Hessian
nlmixr2KeywordsA list and description of the fields in the nlmxir2 object
nlmixr2LogoMessages the nlmixr2 logo...
nlmixr2NlmeControlControl Values for nlme Fit with extra options for nlmixr
nlmixr2PrintPrint x using the message facility
nlmixr2ValidateValidate nlmixr2
nlmixr2VersionDisplay nlmixr2's version
nlmixrAddObjectiveFunctionDataFrameAdd objective function data frame to the current objective...
nlmixrAddTimingManually add time to a nlmixr2 object
nlmixrCloneClone nlmixr environment
nlmixrUpdateObjectUpdate the nlmixr2 object with new fit information
nlmixrWithTimingTime a part of a nlmixr operation and add to nlmixr object
nlsControlnlmixr2 defaults controls for nls
nmGetDistributionSaemLinesThis is a S3 method for getting the distribution lines for a...
nmNearPDC++ implementation of Matrix's nearPD
nmObjGetGet an item from a nlmixr core object
nmObjGetControlGet control object from fit
nmObjGetDataGet an item from a nlmixr2FitData object
nmObjGetEstimationModelGet the estimation model for a fit object depending on the...
nmObjGetFoceiControlMethod for getting focei compatible control object from...
nmObjGetIpredModelGet the ipred model for a fit object depending on the object...
nmObjGetPredOnlyGet the pred-only model for a fit depending on the object...
nmObjGetRxSolveGet an option for the estimation method
nmObjHandleControlObjectHandle the control object
nmObjHandleModelObjectHandle Model Object
nmObjUiSetCompressedSet if the nlmixr2 object will return a compressed ui
nmsimplexNelder-Mead simplex search
nmSuppressMsgRespect suppress messages for nlmixr2 C functions
ofvReturn the objective function
optimControlnlmixr2 optim defaults
print.saemFitPrint an SAEM model fit summary
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
residuals.nlmixr2FitDataExtract residuals from the FOCEI fit
rxGetDistributionFoceiLinesThis is a S3 method for getting the distribution lines for a...
rxGetDistributionNlmeLinesThis is a S3 method for getting the distribution lines for a...
rxGetDistributionNlsLinesThis is a S3 method for getting the distribution lines for a...
saemControlControl Options for SAEM
setCovSet the covariance type based on prior calculated covariances
setOfvSet/get Objective function type for a nlmixr2 object
sqrtmReturn the square root of general square matrix A
summary.saemFitPrint an SAEM model fit summary
tableControlOutput table/data.frame options
uobyqaControlControl for uobyqa estimation method in nlmixr2
vpcNameDataCmtsName the data and compartments
vpcSimVPC simulation
vpcSimExpandExpand a VPC simulation
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