ctdRaw: Seawater CTD Profile, Without Trimming of Extraneous Data

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Seawater CTD Profile, Without Trimming of Extraneous Data


This is sample CTD profile provided for testing. It includes not just the (useful) portion of the dataset during which the instrument was being lowered, but also data from the upcast and from time spent near the surface. Spikes are also clearly evident in the pressure record. With such real-world wrinkles, this dataset provides a good example of data that need trimming with ctdTrim().




This station was sampled by students enrolled in the Dan Kelley's Physical Oceanography class at Dalhousie University. The data were acquired near the centre of the Bedford Basin of the Halifax Harbour, during an October 2003 field trip of Dalhousie University's Oceanography 4120/5120 class. The original .cnv data file had temperature in the IPTS-68 scale, but this was converted to the more modern scale using T90fromT68().

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A similar dataset (trimmed to the downcast) is available as data(ctd).

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