g1sst-class: Class to Hold G1SST Satellite-model Data

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G1SST is an acronym for global 1-km sea surface temperature, a product that combines satellite data with the model output. It is provided by the JPO ROMS (Regional Ocean Modelling System) modelling group. See the JPL website [1] to learn more about the data, and see the read.g1sst documentation for an example of downloading and plotting.


It is important not to regard G1SST data in the same category as, say, amsr-class data, because the two products differ greatly with respect to cloud cover. The satellite used by amsr-class has the ability to sense water temperature even if there is cloud cover, whereas g1sst fills in cloud gaps with model simulations. It can be helpful to consult [1] for a given time, clicking and then unclicking the radio button that turns off the model-based filling of cloud gaps.


Dan Kelley


1. JPO OurOcean Portal http://ourocean.jpl.nasa.gov/SST/ (link worked in 2016 but was seen to fail 2017 Feb 2).

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