handleFlagsInternal: Low-level function for handling data-quality flags

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This function is designed for internal use within the oce package. Its purpose is to carry out low-level processing relating to data-quality flags, as a support for higher-level functions such handleFlags,ctd-method for ctd objects, handleFlags,adp-method for adp objects, etc.


handleFlagsInternal(object, flags, actions, where, debug = 0)



an oce object.


a named list of numeric values.


A character vector indicating actions to be carried out for the corresponding flags values. This will be lengthened with rep() if necessary, to be of the same length as flags. A common value for actions is "NA", which means that data values that are flagged are replaced by NA in the returned result.


An optional string that permits the function to work with objects that store flags in e.g. object@metadata$flags$where instead of in object@metadata$flags, and data within object@data$where instead of within object@data. The appropriate value for where within the oce package is the default, NULL, which means that this extra subdirectory is not being used.


An integer indicating the degree of debugging requested, with value 0 meaning to act silently, and value 1 meaning to print some information about the steps in processing.


A copy of object, possibly with modifications to its data slot, if object contains flag values that have actions that alter the data.

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