odf-class: Class to Store ODF data

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Class for data stored in a format used at Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans laboratories. This is somewhat unusual amongst oce classes, in that it does not map to a particular instrument, but rather to a storage type; in that sense, it is similar to the bremen-class.


Consider an ODF object named odf.

Accessing metadata.

Metadata (contained in the S4 slot named metadata) may be retrieved or set by name, odf[["longitude"]] <- odf[["longitude"]] + 1 corrects a one-degree error.

Accessing measured data.

Column data may be accessed by name, e.g. odf[["salinity"]], odf[["temperature"]], odf[["pressure"]], etc. It is up to the user to realize what is in the object.

Assigning values.

Items stored in the object may be altered with e.g. odf[["salinity"]] <- rep(35,10).

Overview of contents.

The show method (e.g. show(odf)) displays information about the object.


Dan Kelley

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