sealevelTuktoyaktuk: Sea-level data set acquired in 1975 at Tuktoyaktuk

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Sea-level data set acquired in 1975 at Tuktoyaktuk


This sea-level dataset is provided with in Appendix 7.2 of Foreman (1977) and also with the T_TIDE package (Pawlowicz et al., 2002). It results from measurements made in 1975 at Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada.


The data set contains 1584 points, some of which have NA for sea-level height.

Although Foreman's Appendix 7.2 states that times are in Mountain standard time, the timezone is set to UTC in the present case, so that the results will be similar to those he provides in his Appendix 7.3.

Historical note

Until Jan 6, 2018, the time in this dataset had been increased by 7 hours. However, this alteration was removed on this date, to make for simpler comparison of amplitude and phase output with the results obtained by Foreman (1977) and Pawlowicz et al. (2002).


The data were based on the T_TIDE dataset, which in turn seems to be based on Appendix 7.2 of Foreman (1977). Minor editing was on file format, and then the sealevelTuktoyaktuk object was created using as.sealevel().


Foreman, M. G. G., 1977. Manual for tidal heights analysis and prediction. Pacific Marine Science Report 77-10, Institute of Ocean Sciences, Patricia Bay, Sidney, BC, 58pp.

Pawlowicz, Rich, Bob Beardsley, and Steve Lentz, 2002. Classical tidal harmonic analysis including error estimates in MATLAB using T_TIDE. Computers and Geosciences, 28, 929-937.

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time <- sealevelTuktoyaktuk[["time"]]
elevation <- sealevelTuktoyaktuk[["elevation"]]
oce.plot.ts(time, elevation, type='l', ylab="Height [m]", ylim=c(-2, 6))
legend("topleft", legend=c("Tuktoyaktuk (1975)","Detided"),
tide <- tidem(sealevelTuktoyaktuk)
detided <- elevation - predict(tide)
lines(time, detided, col="red")

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