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swZ: Vertical coordinate

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Compute height above the surface. This is the negative of depth, and so is defined simply in terms of swDepth.


swZ(pressure, latitude = 45, eos = getOption("oceEOS", default = "gsw"))



either pressure [dbar], in which case lat must also be given, or a ctd object, in which case lat will be inferred from the object.


Latitude in degN or radians north of the equator.


indication of formulation to be used, either "unesco" or "gsw".

See Also

Other functions that calculate seawater properties: T68fromT90, T90fromT48, T90fromT68, swAbsoluteSalinity, swAlphaOverBeta, swAlpha, swBeta, swCSTp, swConservativeTemperature, swDepth, swDynamicHeight, swLapseRate, swN2, swPressure, swRho, swRrho, swSCTp, swSTrho, swSigma0, swSigma1, swSigma2, swSigma3, swSigma4, swSigmaTheta, swSigmaT, swSigma, swSoundAbsorption, swSoundSpeed, swSpecificHeat, swSpice, swTFreeze, swTSrho, swThermalConductivity, swTheta, swViscosity

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