pergola: Toolbox for Polyploid Genetic Data

Provides tools for linkage mapping in polyploids. It implements the method PERGOLA, which is a fast, deterministic method to calculate the order of markers in a linkage group.

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AuthorFabian Grandke [aut, cre], Dirk Metzler [ths]
Date of publication2016-04-03 16:29:32
MaintainerFabian Grandke <>

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add_offset Man page
allTrees Man page
bases2genotypes Man page
calcRec Man page
calcSarf Man page
calcSarfDist Man page
findChr Man page
getLeaves Man page
getNode Man page
getSubtree Man page
makealtord Man page
maketangle Man page
map2dend Man page
pairwRF Man page
pergola Man page
pergola-package Man page
plotChr Man page
plotRf Man page
pullMap Man page
sarfExt Man page
shuffleInput Man page
simHexa Man page
simTetra Man page
sortLeafs Man page
splitChr Man page
swapChrs Man page
switchChr Man page
switchChrs Man page
switchEntries Man page

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