rbmn: Handling Linear Gaussian Bayesian Networks

Creation, manipulation, simulation of linear Gaussian Bayesian networks from text files and more...

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AuthorJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>
Date of publication2013-08-01 15:29:29
MaintainerJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adja2arcs: Arc matrix from an adjacency matrix

adja2crossed: creates a crossed-adjacency matrix from two ones

adja2nbn: standardized /nbn/ from an adjacency matrix

adja4nbn: adjacency matrix of a /nbn/

adja4three: Adjacency matrices of DAGs having three nodes

arc7nb4nbn: returns the number(s) of arcs of a /nbn/

arcs4nbn1nbn: returns the list of 'parallel' arcs of a crossed-nbn

bn2nbn: transforms a /bn/ of /bnlearn/ package to a /nbn/

bnfit2nbn: transforms a /bn.fit/ of /bnlearn/ package to a /nbn/

boco: Body Composition Variables and Covariables

chain2correlation: computes the correlation matrix of a chain

chain2gema: transforms a /chain/ to a /gema/

chain2mn: computes the distribution of a chain

chain2nbn: transforms a /chain/ to a /nbn/

chain2pre: computes the precision of a chain

chain4chain: extracts a chain from a chain

check8chain: checks a /chain/ object

check8gema: checks a /gema/ object

check8nbn: checks a /nbn/ object

condi4joint: computes some conditional distribution of a multinormal...

cor4var: returns the correlation matrix from the variance

crossed4nbn1nbn: creates a crossed-nbn from two /nbn/s

dev4mn: Computes the deviance for a sample of multinormal vector

diff8nbn: returns a score of the difference between two /nbn/s

estimate8constrainednbn: estimates the parameters of a nbn with equality constraints

estimate8nbn: estimating the /nbn/ parameters

gema2mn: computes a /mn/ from a /gema/

gema2nbn: computes a /nbn/ from a /gema/

generate8chain: generation of a /chain/ /nbn/

generate8nbn: returns a randomly built /nbn/ object.

inout4chain: reduces a chain to its inputs and outputs

is8nbn8chain: Checks if a given /nbn/ is a /chain/

marginal4chain: returns marginal expectations and standard deviations of a...

mn2gema: computes a /gema/ from a /mn/

mn4joint1condi: computes a joint distribution from a marginal and a...

nb8bn: number of Bayesian networks

nbn2bnfit: transforms a /nbn/ to a /bn.fit/ of /bnlearn/ package

nbn2chain: transforms a /nbn/ into a /chain/

nbn2gema: computes a /gema/ from a /nbn/

nbn2mn: computes the joint distribution of a /nbn/

nbn2nbn: computes the /nbn/ changing its topological order

nbn2rr: computes standard matrices from a /nbn/

nbn4nbn: From a /nbn/ computes the associated nbn1

nbn4rmatrix: a /nbn/ from a regression matrix

normalize8nbn: normalizes a /nbn/

objets: Some examplifying structures

order4chain: returns a topological order of a /chain/ or checks a proposed...

order4gema: topological order of a /gema/

order4nbn: topological order of a /nbn/

print8chain: prints a /chain/ object

print8gema: standard print function for a /gema/ object.

print8mn: standard print function for a /mn/ object.

print8nbn: print function for a /nbn/ object.

rbmn-package: Linear Gaussian Bayesian network manipulations

reverse8chain: reverses the nodes of a chain

rm8nd4adja: removes somes nodes from an adjacency matrix

rm8nd4nbn: removes some nodes from a /nbn/

rmatrix4nbn: regression matrix of a /nbn/

simulate8gema: simulates from a /gema/ object

simulate8gmn: simulates a multinormal vector with varying expectation

simulate8mn: simulates a multinormal vector

simulate8nbn: simulates from a /nbn/ object

state4chain: returns the states of each node of a chain

string7dag4nbn: provides so-called string model of a /nbn/

var2pre: returns the precision matrix from the variance


adja2arcs Man page
adja2crossed Man page
adja2nbn Man page
adja4nbn Man page
adja4three Man page
arc7nb4nbn Man page
arcs4nbn1nbn Man page
bn2nbn Man page
bnfit2nbn Man page
boco Man page
chain2correlation Man page
chain2gema Man page
chain2mn Man page
chain2nbn Man page
chain2pre Man page
chain4chain Man page
check8chain Man page
check8gema Man page
check8nbn Man page
condi4joint Man page
cor4var Man page
crossed4nbn1nbn Man page
dev4mn Man page
diff8nbn Man page
estimate8constrainednbn Man page
estimate8nbn Man page
gema2mn Man page
gema2nbn Man page
generate8chain Man page
generate8nbn Man page
inout4chain Man page
is8nbn8chain Man page
marginal4chain Man page
mn2gema Man page
mn4joint1condi Man page
nb8bn Man page
nbn2bnfit Man page
nbn2chain Man page
nbn2gema Man page
nbn2mn Man page
nbn2nbn Man page
nbn2rr Man page
nbn4nbn Man page
nbn4rmatrix Man page
normalize8nbn Man page
order4chain Man page
order4gema Man page
order4nbn Man page
print8chain Man page
print8gema Man page
print8mn Man page
print8nbn Man page
provided objects Man page
rbmn Man page
rbmn0adja.01 Man page
rbmn0adja.02 Man page
rbmn0adja.03 Man page
rbmn0adja.04 Man page
rbmn0adja.05 Man page
rbmn0chain.01 Man page
rbmn0chain.02 Man page
rbmn0chain.03 Man page
rbmn0crarc.05 Man page
rbmn0gema.01 Man page
rbmn0gema.02 Man page
rbmn0gema.03 Man page
rbmn0gema.04 Man page
rbmn0gema.05 Man page
rbmn0mn.01 Man page
rbmn0mn.02 Man page
rbmn0mn.03 Man page
rbmn0mn.04 Man page
rbmn0mn.05 Man page
rbmn0nbn.01 Man page
rbmn0nbn.02 Man page
rbmn0nbn.03 Man page
rbmn0nbn.04 Man page
rbmn0nbn.05 Man page
rbmn-package Man page
reverse8chain Man page
rm8nd4adja Man page
rm8nd4nbn Man page
rmatrix4nbn Man page
simulate8gema Man page
simulate8gmn Man page
simulate8mn Man page
simulate8nbn Man page
state4chain Man page
string7dag4nbn Man page
var2pre Man page


inst/original/normal.code.r inst/original/objets.code.r inst/original/crossed.code.r inst/original/nbnst.code.r inst/original/nbnma.code.r inst/original/rbsb.code.r inst/original/chain.code.r inst/original/auxi.code.r inst/original/nbneq.code.r inst/original/interface.code.r inst/original/nbnmi.code.r inst/original/misc.code.r
R/f07.normal.code.r R/f02.chain.code.r R/f11.interface.code.r R/f09.misc.code.r R/f06.nbnst.code.r R/f05.nbnma.code.r R/f00.rbsb.code.r R/f08.crossed.code.r R/f01.auxi.code.r R/f04.nbneq.code.r R/f03.nbnmi.code.r R/zzz.R R/f10.objets.code.r
man/rmatrix4nbn.Rd man/is8nbn8chain.Rd man/condi4joint.Rd man/nbn4nbn.Rd man/reverse8chain.Rd man/marginal4chain.Rd man/rm8nd4adja.Rd man/simulate8gema.Rd man/inout4chain.Rd man/rbmn-package.Rd man/simulate8gmn.Rd man/order4nbn.Rd man/adja2nbn.Rd man/cor4var.Rd man/generate8nbn.Rd man/string7dag4nbn.Rd man/estimate8nbn.Rd man/chain2correlation.Rd man/nbn4rmatrix.Rd man/crossed4nbn1nbn.Rd man/chain2pre.Rd man/nbn2chain.Rd man/nbn2gema.Rd man/bn2nbn.Rd man/chain2gema.Rd man/rm8nd4nbn.Rd man/adja4nbn.Rd man/nbn2rr.Rd man/diff8nbn.Rd man/print8nbn.Rd man/mn2gema.Rd man/order4gema.Rd man/check8gema.Rd man/boco.Rd man/simulate8nbn.Rd man/nbn2nbn.Rd man/print8gema.Rd man/order4chain.Rd man/chain2nbn.Rd man/nbn2bnfit.Rd man/check8chain.Rd man/print8chain.Rd man/check8nbn.Rd man/arc7nb4nbn.Rd man/var2pre.Rd man/gema2nbn.Rd man/mn4joint1condi.Rd man/nbn2mn.Rd man/state4chain.Rd man/simulate8mn.Rd man/adja2crossed.Rd man/chain2mn.Rd man/dev4mn.Rd man/normalize8nbn.Rd man/nb8bn.Rd man/arcs4nbn1nbn.Rd man/chain4chain.Rd man/estimate8constrainednbn.Rd man/print8mn.Rd man/objets.Rd man/adja2arcs.Rd man/adja4three.Rd man/bnfit2nbn.Rd man/generate8chain.Rd man/gema2mn.Rd

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