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Handling Linear Gaussian Bayesian Networks

adja2arcsArc matrix from an adjacency matrix
adja2crossedcreates a crossed-adjacency matrix from two ones
adja2nbnstandardized /nbn/ from an adjacency matrix
adja4nbnadjacency matrix of a /nbn/
adja4threeAdjacency matrices of DAGs having three nodes
arc7nb4nbnreturns the number(s) of arcs of a /nbn/
arcs4nbn1nbnreturns the list of 'parallel' arcs of a crossed-nbn
bn2nbntransforms a /bn/ of /bnlearn/ package to a /nbn/
bnfit2nbntransforms a / of /bnlearn/ package to a /nbn/
bocoBody Composition Variables and Covariables
chain2correlationcomputes the correlation matrix of a chain
chain2gematransforms a /chain/ to a /gema/
chain2mncomputes the distribution of a chain
chain2nbntransforms a /chain/ to a /nbn/
chain2precomputes the precision of a chain
chain4chainextracts a chain from a chain
check8chainchecks a /chain/ object
check8gemachecks a /gema/ object
check8nbnchecks a /nbn/ object
condi4jointcomputes some conditional distribution of a multinormal...
cor4varreturns the correlation matrix from the variance
crossed4nbn1nbncreates a crossed-nbn from two /nbn/s
dev4mnComputes the deviance for a sample of multinormal vector
diff8nbnreturns a score of the difference between two /nbn/s
estimate8constrainednbnestimates the parameters of a nbn with equality constraints
estimate8nbnestimating the /nbn/ parameters
gema2mncomputes a /mn/ from a /gema/
gema2nbncomputes a /nbn/ from a /gema/
generate8chaingeneration of a /chain/ /nbn/
generate8nbnreturns a randomly built /nbn/ object.
inout4chainreduces a chain to its inputs and outputs
is8nbn8chainChecks if a given /nbn/ is a /chain/
marginal4chainreturns marginal expectations and standard deviations of a...
mn2gemacomputes a /gema/ from a /mn/
mn4joint1condicomputes a joint distribution from a marginal and a...
nb8bnnumber of Bayesian networks
nbn2bnfittransforms a /nbn/ to a / of /bnlearn/ package
nbn2chaintransforms a /nbn/ into a /chain/
nbn2gemacomputes a /gema/ from a /nbn/
nbn2mncomputes the joint distribution of a /nbn/
nbn2nbncomputes the /nbn/ changing its topological order
nbn2rrcomputes standard matrices from a /nbn/
nbn4nbnFrom a /nbn/ computes the associated nbn1
nbn4rmatrixa /nbn/ from a regression matrix
normalize8nbnnormalizes a /nbn/
objetsSome examplifying structures
order4chainreturns a topological order of a /chain/ or checks a proposed...
order4gematopological order of a /gema/
order4nbntopological order of a /nbn/
print8chainprints a /chain/ object
print8gemastandard print function for a /gema/ object.
print8mnstandard print function for a /mn/ object.
print8nbnprint function for a /nbn/ object.
rbmn-packageLinear Gaussian Bayesian network manipulations
reverse8chainreverses the nodes of a chain
rm8nd4adjaremoves somes nodes from an adjacency matrix
rm8nd4nbnremoves some nodes from a /nbn/
rmatrix4nbnregression matrix of a /nbn/
simulate8gemasimulates from a /gema/ object
simulate8gmnsimulates a multinormal vector with varying expectation
simulate8mnsimulates a multinormal vector
simulate8nbnsimulates from a /nbn/ object
state4chainreturns the states of each node of a chain
string7dag4nbnprovides so-called string model of a /nbn/
var2prereturns the precision matrix from the variance
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