boco: Body Composition Variables and Covariables

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Body Composition Variables and Covariables


Real-world data set extracted from the Nhanes data base comprising nine variables describing the body composition and five easy measurable covariables.




The boco data set stored in variable boco comprises 100 individuals with the following variables:

  • A the age in years

  • H the height in cm

  • W the weight in kg

  • C the waist circumference in cm

  • TF the trunk fat in kg

  • LF the leg fat in kg

  • AF the arm fat in kg

  • TL the trunk lean in kg

  • LL the leg lean in kg

  • AL the arm lean in kg

  • TB the trunk bone in kg

  • LB the leg bone in kg

  • AB the arm bone in kg


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 1999-2004 dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) multiple imputation data files and technical documentation.
Available from: (accessed on 13_07_03).


# load the data and build the correct network from the model string.
boco7dag <- "[H][W|H][TF|W;H]";
# to be finished

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