roahd: Robust Analysis of High Dimensional Data

A collection of methods for the robust analysis of univariate and multivariate functional data, possibly in high-dimensional cases, and hence with attention to computational efficiency and simplicity of use.

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AuthorNicholas Tarabelloni [aut, cre], Ana Arribas-Gil [aut], Francesca Ieva [aut], Anna Maria Paganoni [aut], Juan Romo [aut]
Date of publication2016-07-06 23:32:40
MaintainerNicholas Tarabelloni <>

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Man pages

area_ordered: Area-under-curve order relation between univariate functional...

area_under_curve: Area under curve of elements of univariate functional data

as.mfData: Converting object to 'mfData' class

BD: Band Depth for univariate functional data

BD_relative: Relative Band Depth of functions in a univariate functional...

cor_kendall: Kendall's tau correlation coefficient for bivariate...

cor_spearman: Spearman's correlation coefficient for bivariate functional...

cov_fun: Covariance function for functional data

EI: Epigraph Index of univariate functional dataset

exp_cov_function: Exponential covariance function over a grid

fbplot: Functional boxplot of univariate and multivariate functional...

fData: 'S3' Class for univariate functional datasets.

fDColorPalette: A set of fancy color to plot functional datasets

generate_gauss_fdata: Generation of gaussian univariate functional data

generate_gauss_mfdata: Generation of gaussian multivariate functional data

HI: Hypograph Index of univariate functional dataset

HRD: Half-Region Depth for univariate functional data

maxima: Maxima of a univariate functional dataset

max_ordered: Maximum order relation between univariate functional data

MBD: Modified Band Depth for univariate functional data

MBD_relative: Relative Modified Band Depth of functions in a univariate...

mean.fData: Cross-sectional mean of of a fData object.

mean.mfData: Cross-sectional mean of of a mfData object.

median_fData: Median of a univariate functional dataset

median_mfData: Median of a multivariate functional dataset

MEI: Modified Epigraph Index of univariate functional dataset

mfData: 'S3' class for multivariate functional datasets

MHI: Modified Hypograph Index of univariate functional dataset

MHRD: Modified Half-Region Depth for univariate functional data

minima: Minima of a univariate functional dataset

multiMBD: (Modified) Band Depth for multivariate functional data

outliergram: Outliergram for univariate functional datasets

plot.Cov: Specialised method to plot 'Cov' objects

plot.fData: Specialised method to plot 'fData' objects

plot.mfData: Specialised method to plot 'mfData' objects

plus-.fData: Operator '+' and '-' for 'fData' objects

roahd: roahd: RObust Analysis for High dimensional Data.

set_alpha: Function to setup alpha value for a set of colours

sub-.fData: Operator 'sub-.fData' to subset 'fData' obejcts

times-.fData: Operator '*' and '/' for 'fData' objects

toListOfValues: Manipulation of 'mfData' list of values

toRowMatrixForm: Conversion of vector/array/matrix to row-matrix form

unfold: Unfolding a univariate functional dataset

warp: Warp elements of a univariate functional dataset


area_ordered Man page
area_under_curve Man page
as.mfData Man page
as.mfData.list Man page
BD Man page
BD.default Man page
BD.fData Man page
BD_relative Man page
BD_relative.default Man page
BD_relative.fData Man page
cor_kendall Man page
cor_spearman Man page
cov_fun Man page
cov_fun.fData Man page
cov_fun.mfData Man page
EI Man page
EI.default Man page
EI.fData Man page
exp_cov_function Man page
fbplot Man page
fbplot.fData Man page
fbplot.mfData Man page
fData Man page
-.fData Man page
/.fData Man page
[.fData Man page
*.fData Man page
+.fData Man page
fDColorPalette Man page
generate_gauss_fdata Man page
generate_gauss_mfdata Man page
HI Man page
HI.default Man page
HI.fData Man page
HRD Man page
HRD.default Man page
HRD.fData Man page
maxima Man page
max_ordered Man page
MBD Man page
MBD.default Man page
MBD.fData Man page
MBD_relative Man page
MBD_relative.default Man page
MBD_relative.fData Man page
mean.fData Man page
mean.mfData Man page
median_fData Man page
median_mfData Man page
MEI Man page
MEI.default Man page
MEI.fData Man page
mfData Man page
MHI Man page
MHI.default Man page
MHI.fData Man page
MHRD Man page
MHRD.default Man page
MHRD.fData Man page
minima Man page
multiBD Man page
multiBD.default Man page
multiBD.mfData Man page
multiMBD Man page
multiMBD.default Man page
multiMBD.mfData Man page
outliergram Man page
plot.Cov Man page
plot.fData Man page
plot.mfData Man page
plus-.fData Man page
roahd Man page
roahd-package Man page
set_alpha Man page
sub-.fData Man page
times-.fData Man page
toListOfValues Man page
toRowMatrixForm Man page
unfold Man page
warp Man page


tests/testthat/test_restyling.R tests/testthat/test_fbplot.R tests/testthat/test_MBD_with_tied_data.R tests/testthat/test_HI_and_MHI.R tests/testthat/test_HRD_and_MHRD.R tests/testthat/test_EI_and_MEI.R tests/testthat/test_simulation.R tests/testthat/test_multiMBD.R tests/testthat/test_MBD_relative.R tests/testthat/test_BD.R tests/testthat/test_BD_relative.R tests/testthat/test_fData.R tests/testthat/test_correlation.R tests/testthat/test_outliergram.R
R/utils.R R/fData.R R/simulation.R R/roahd.R R/outliergram.R R/fbplot.R R/BandDepths.R R/Indexes.R R/multivariate_depths.R R/correlation.R
man/toListOfValues.Rd man/fDColorPalette.Rd man/EI.Rd man/MHI.Rd man/exp_cov_function.Rd man/toRowMatrixForm.Rd man/set_alpha.Rd man/fbplot.Rd man/median_fData.Rd man/MBD.Rd man/plot.mfData.Rd man/HI.Rd man/generate_gauss_fdata.Rd man/plot.fData.Rd man/MHRD.Rd man/maxima.Rd man/plus-.fData.Rd man/as.mfData.Rd man/max_ordered.Rd man/fData.Rd man/MEI.Rd man/mean.fData.Rd man/cor_spearman.Rd man/unfold.Rd man/times-.fData.Rd man/plot.Cov.Rd man/BD.Rd man/cov_fun.Rd man/outliergram.Rd man/HRD.Rd man/median_mfData.Rd man/MBD_relative.Rd man/area_under_curve.Rd man/sub-.fData.Rd man/cor_kendall.Rd man/minima.Rd man/BD_relative.Rd man/multiMBD.Rd man/area_ordered.Rd man/warp.Rd man/generate_gauss_mfdata.Rd man/mean.mfData.Rd man/roahd.Rd man/mfData.Rd

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