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Manual resampling


manual_rset() is used for constructing the most minimal rset possible. It can be useful when you have custom rsplit objects built from make_splits(), or when you want to create a new rset from splits contained within an existing rset.


manual_rset(splits, ids)



A list of "rsplit" objects. It is easiest to create these using make_splits().


A character vector of ids. The length of ids must be the same as the length of splits.


df <- data.frame(x = c(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6))

# Create an rset from custom indices
indices <- list(
  list(analysis = c(1L, 2L), assessment = 3L),
  list(analysis = c(4L, 5L), assessment = 6L)

splits <- lapply(indices, make_splits, data = df)

manual_rset(splits, c("Split 1", "Split 2"))

# You can also use this to create an rset from a subset of an
# existing rset
resamples <- vfold_cv(mtcars)
best_split <- resamples[5, ]
manual_rset(best_split$splits, best_split$id)

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