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DocCollection is a virtual class for all representations of document collections. It is made concrete by DocList and DocDataFrame. This is mostly to achieve an abstraction around tabular and list representations of documents.


These are the accessors that should apply equivalently to any derivative of DocCollection, which provides reasonable default implementations for most of them.

  • ndoc(x): Gets the number of documents

  • nfield(x): Gets the number of fields

  • ids(x), ids(x) <- value: Gets or sets the document unique identifiers (may be NULL)

  • fieldNames(x, includeStatic=TRUE, ...): Gets the field names

  • docs(x): Just returns x, as x already represents a set of documents

  • meta(x): Gets an auxillary collection of “meta” fields that hold fields that describe, rather than compose, the documents. This feature should be considered unstable. Stay away for now.

  • unmeta(x): Clears the metadata.


Michael Lawrence

See Also

DocList and DocDataFrame for concrete implementations

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