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The DocList object wraps a list in a document-oriented interface that is shared with DocDataFrame. This is mostly to achieve an abstraction around tabular and list representations of documents. DocList should behave just like a list, except it adds the accessors described below.


These are some accessors that DocList adds on top of the basic list accessors. Using these accessors allows code to be agnostic to whether the data are stored as a list or data.frame.

  • ndoc(x): Gets the number of documents (elements)

  • nfield(x): Gets the number of unique field names over all of the documents

  • ids(x), ids(x) <- value: Gets or sets the document unique identifiers (may be NULL, treated as names)

  • fieldNames(x, includeStatic=TRUE, ...): Gets the set of unique field names

  • meta(x): Gets an auxillary list of “meta” documents (lists) that hold fields that describe, rather than compose, the actual documents. This feature should be considered unstable. Stay away for now.

  • unmeta(x): Clears the metadata.


Michael Lawrence

See Also

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