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The FieldInfo object is a vector of field entries from the Solr schema. Typically, one retrieves an instance with fields and shows it on the console to get an overview of the schema. The vector-like nature means that functions like [ and length behave as expected.


These functions get the “columns” from the field information “table”:

  • name(x): Gets the name of the field.

  • typeName(x): Gets the name of the field type, see fieldTypes.

  • dynamic(x): Gets whether the field is dynamic, i.e., whether its name is treated as a wildcard glob. If a document field does not match a static field name, it takes its properties from the first dynamic field (in schema order) that it matches.

  • multiValued(x): Gets whether the field accepts multiple values. A multi-valued field is manifested in R as a list.

  • required(x): Gets whether the field must have a value in every document. A non-required field will sometimes have NAs. This is useful for both ensuring data integrity and optimizations.

  • indexed(x): Gets whether the field has been indexed. A field must be indexed for us to filter by it. Faceting requires a field to be indexed or have doc values.

  • stored(x): Gets whether the data for a field have been stored in the database. We can search on any (indexed) field, but we can only retrieve data from stored fields.

  • docValues(x): Gets whether the data have been additionally stored in a columnar format that accelerates Solr function calls (transform) and faceting (aggregate).


  • x %in% table: Returns whether each field name in x matches a field defined in table, a FieldInfo object. This convenience is particularly needed when the schema contains dynamic fields.


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