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The SolrResult object represents the result of a Solr query and usually contains a collection of documents and/or facets. The default implementation, ListSolrResult, directly stores the canonical JSON response from Solr. It is usually obtained by evaluating a SolrQuery on a SolrCore, which most users will never do.


Since ListSolrResult inherits from list, one can access the raw JSON fields directly through the ordinary list accessors. One should only directly manipulate the Solr response when extending rsolr/Solr at a deep level. Higher-level accessors are described below.

docs(x): Returns the found documents as a DocList

ndoc(x): Returns the number of documents found

facets(x): Returns any computed Facets

groupings(x): If Solr was asked to group the documents in the response, this returns each Grouping (there can be more than one) in a list

ngroup(x): Returns the number of groups in each grouping


Michael Lawrence

See Also

docs and facets on SolrCore are more convenient and usually sufficient

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