MonteCarloSamplingIZ-class: Class '"MonteCarloSamplingIZ"'

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This virtual class exists to be combined with an areal sampling class of choice. This class facilitates creation of a new areal sampling method that employs one of the Monte Carlo subsampling methods supported through subclasses of "MonteCarloSampling". Generally it will only be of interest to someone desiring to write extensions to sampSurf in the form of Monte Carlo subsampling on down logs or standing trees within areal methods. Please see the class definition for horizontalPointCMCIZ for an example of how this can be combined with an areal method.

Objects from the Class

A virtual Class: No objects may be created from it.



Object of class "MonteCarloSampling" A subclass objects of MonteCarloSampling; please see that class for extant subclasses/sampling methods.


Object of class "logical" TRUE: if antithetic sampling variant has been used for the object in the mcsObj slot; FALSE: if not.


Object of class "character" The named of the proxy function used in Monte Carlo sampling.


No methods defined with class "MonteCarloSamplingIZ" in the signature.


Jeffrey H. Gove

See Also

MonteCarloSampling, horizontalPointCMCIZ



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