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This class holds the inclusion zone definition for the ‘distance limited perpendicular distance sampling’ method (Ducey et. al 2012) for sampling down coarse woody debris. This class is fairly complicated because there are three possibilities for the components of the inclusion zone. It is best to read "The InclusionZone Class" vignette, along with the paper cited above for more information—the why's and wherefore's are not presented here, only the class documentation.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("distanceLimitedPDSIZ", ...). However, this is not recommended because the objects are fairly complex. Instead, one can use the object constructor distanceLimitedPDSIZ to create new objects.


Most of the slots are described in the superclasses (see below), please see their help pages for more information. This class adds a few slots to the "perpendicularDistanceIZ" class specification as described below, please especially see that class for more details on other slots.


Object of class "distanceLimited" supplying the distance limit for the inclusion zone.


Object of class "numeric": The limiting diameter for the zone transition between the regular PDS portion and the DLMC portion (see below, either or both may be missing).


Object of class "pdsIZNull" holding the perpendicular distance sampling portion of the inclusion zone as a "perpendicularDistanceIZ" object (or subclass, i.e., "omnibusPDSIZ" object), or NULL if none exists.


Object of class "dlsIZNull" holding the distance limited sampling portion of the inclusion zone as a "distanceLimitedIZ" object (or subclass, i.e., "distanceLimitedMCIZ" object), or NULL if none exists.


Object of class "pdsIZNull" holding a fully valid "perpendicularDistanceIZ" (or subclass, i.e., "omnibusPDSIZ" object) delineating the full PDS zone as it would appear if the entire log were treated as a PDS sampling object.


Class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", directly.
Class "downLogIZ", by class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", distance 2.
Class "pdsIZNull", by class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", distance 2.
Class "InclusionZone", by class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", distance 3.



signature(izObject = "distanceLimitedPDSIZ", tract = "Tract"): “InclusionZoneGrid” constructor


signature(x = "distanceLimitedPDSIZ", y = "missing"): Plot the object


signature(object = "distanceLimitedPDSIZ"): Object summary


Jeffrey H. Gove


Ducey, M. J., Williams, M. S., Gove, J. H., Roberge, S. and Kenning, R. S., 2012. Distance limited perpendicular distance sampling for coarse woody material: Theory and field results. Forestry (in review).

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downLogIZs container class



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