Class "horizontalPointCVIZ"


This class allows one to perform control variate sampling within a given tree as a second stage sample, when the tree has been selected by horizontal point sampling in the first stage. Thus, the class definition is simply a combination of the "MonteCarloSamplingIZ" and "horizontalPointIZ" classes. No new slots have been added to this class, please see the above two classes for the totality of slot definitions in the class structure.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("horizontalPointCVIZ", ...). However, because the object is fairly complex, using the object constructor of the same name horizontalPointCVIZ is the preferred method for creating valid objects of this class.


Please see the slot definitions in the "MonteCarloSamplingIZ" and "horizontalPointIZ" classes and their subclasses where applicable for all of the slot definitions.

In addition, the two vignettes below will be of some help as the class structures are also described therein.


Class "MonteCarloSamplingIZ", directly.
Class "horizontalPointIZ", directly.
Class "horizontalPointMonteCarloSamplingIZ", directly.
Class "circularPlotIZ", by class "horizontalPointIZ", distance 2.
Class "standingTreeIZ", by class "horizontalPointIZ", distance 3.
Class "InclusionZone", by class "horizontalPointIZ", distance 4.


No methods defined with class "horizontalPointCVIZ" in the signature.


Jeffrey H. Gove


Gove, J. H. 2013. Monte Carlo sampling methods in sampSurf. Package vignette.

Gove, J. H. 2013. The “InclusionZone” Class. sampSurf Package vignette.

See Also

Other Monte Carlo methods that work with horizontal point sampling include: horizontalPointCMCIZ, horizontalPointISIZ, criticalHeightIZ, importanceCHSIZ, antitheticICHSIZ, pairedAICHSIZ.



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