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This routine is called by all izGrid methods that assign a constant surface within an object's inclusion zone. It should not, therefore, be used for sampling protocols such as the chainsaw method, where a variable surface is computed within the inclusion zone.


izGridConstruct(izObject, tract,
                description = "sausageIZ inclusion zone grid object",
                wholeIZ = TRUE, ...)



An object of class "InclusionZone", with the exceptions stated above.


An object of class "Tract" or subclass.


A description of the object as a character string.


TRUE: make a background grid covering the entire object including the stem and the inclusion zone; FALSE: make the grid cover just the inclusion zone.


Other arguments to be passed along (not currently used).


This routine should never need to be called by the user at the command line. It is meant to be used with calls set up in the izGrid-methods. It simply collects code that is common to all methods that assign a constant surface height with a given inclusion zone. The inclusion zone can be of any shape commonly encountered in areal sampling methods. As long as it is a legal "InclusionZone" object, it should work.


A valid object of class "InclusionZoneGrid."


Jeffrey H. Gove

See Also

izGrid-methods, class "InclusionZoneGrid"

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