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This class is a subclass of the "Tract" class. It provides no new functionality on its own. Its purpose is to define a class that will convey to other components in the system the implicit request to apply the mirage method to any stems and inclusion zones on the tract that overlap the boundary. For example, using a “mirageTract” in one of the sampSurf constructors will tell the constructor that the mirage method should be used on the simulation.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("mirageTract", ...). However, this is not recommended due to the complexity of the class. Instead, use the mirageTract constructor to create objects.


There are no new slots add to this class, please see the slot definition for the superclass "Tract".


Class "Tract", directly.
Class "RasterLayer", by class "Tract", distance 2.
Class "Raster", by class "Tract", distance 3.
Class "RLNULL", by class "RasterLayer", distance 3.
Class "BasicRaster", by class "Tract", distance 4.



signature(izObject = "InclusionZone", tract = "mirageTract"): Creates "mirageInclusionZoneGrid" objects.


Jeffrey H. Gove


Gregoire and Valentine (2008) for the mirage method.

See Also

Tract, bufferedTract



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