Methods for Function monteNTSample in Package sampSurf


The following methods will construct valid objects of class "monteNTSample." Please see the ‘“monte”: When is n Sufficiently Large?’ vignette for more details and examples.


signature(population = "montePop")

This method works with an object of class "montePop" as the signature argument.


              n = c(10),
              mcSamples = 100,
              alpha = 0.05, 
              replace = TRUE,
              startSeed = NA,
              runQuiet = TRUE,
              ... )
  • population: An object of class "montePop" containing the population values.

  • n: A vector of sample sizes that will be used to draw mcSamples Monte Carlo samples from the population.

  • mcSamples: A scalar specifying the number of Monte Carlo samples to draw from the population of sizes n.

  • alpha: The two-tailed alpha level for confidence interval calculation. I.e., for the 95% confidence level, specify alpha=0.05.

  • replace: TRUE: sample with replacement; FALSE: sample without replacement.

  • startSeed: A scalar specifying a random number seed for the Monte Carlo draws. See initRandomSeed for details.

  • runQuiet: TRUE: no feedback; FALSE: feedback if available.

  • ... : Other arguments to be passed along to sample.

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