omnibusPDSIZ-class: Class '"omnibusPDSIZ"'

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This class holds the inclusion zone definition for the ‘omnibus perpendicular distance sampling’ method (Ducey et. al, 2008) for sampling down coarse woody debris.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("omnibusPDSIZ", ...). However, this is not recommended because the objects are fairly complex. Instead, one can use the object constructor omnibusPDSIZ to create new objects.


This class is a direct descendent (subclass) of "perpendicularDistanceIZ" and adds no new slots to that definition. Please see the "perpendicularDistanceIZ" class definition for details.


Class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", directly.
Class "pdsIZNull", directly.
Class "downLogIZ", by class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", distance 2.
Class "InclusionZone", by class "perpendicularDistanceIZ", distance 3.



signature(izObject = "omnibusPDSIZ", tract = "Tract"): “InclusionZoneGrid” generic constructor


Jeffrey H. Gove


Ducey, M. J., Williams, M. S., Gove, J. H. and Valentine, H. T. 2008. Simultaneous unbiased estimates of multiple downed wood attributes in perpendicular distance sampling. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38:2044–2051.

Williams, M. S. and Gove, J. H. 2003. Perpendicular distance sampling: an alternative method for sampling downed coarse woody debris. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33:1564–1579.

See Also

downLogIZs container class



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