perpendicularDistance-class: Class '"perpendicularDistance"': Perpendicular Distance...

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A subclass of "ArealSampling" that can be used to create objects that encapsulate all the parameters necessary for any variant of perpendicular distance sampling of down woody debris.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("perpendicularDistance", ...), and while this is reasonable with this class because there are no graphical slots, it is still not recommended. The preferred method for creating new objects is via the perpendicularDistance constructor.


In addition to those slots in class "ArealSampling," the following are defined...


Object of class "numeric": The volume, surface area, or coverage area factor in the appropriate units.


Object of class "numeric": The Kpds factor in the appropriate units.


Class "ArealSampling", directly.



signature(object = "perpendicularDistance"): prints a summary of the object


Jeffrey H. Gove


Williams, M. S. and Gove, J. H. 2003. Perpendicular distance sampling: an alternative method for sampling downed coarse woody debris. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33:1564–1579.

Williams, M. S., Ducey, M. J. and Gove, J. H. 2005. Assessing surface area of coarse woody debris with line intersect and perpendicular distance sampling. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 35:949–960.

See Also

The "ArealSampling" class.



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