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Summary Plots with Adjusted Error Bars

biasCorrectionTransformbias-correction transform
bootstrapPrecisionMeasuresBootstrapped measures of precision
CousineauLaurencelleLambdaCousineau-Laurencelle's lambda correction for...
dataFigure1Data for Figure 1
dataFigure2Data for Figure 2
dataFigure3Data for Figure 3
dataFigure4Data for Figure 4
geom_superberrorbargeom_superberrorbar for expanded error bar displays
GRDGenerate random data
HyunhFeldtEpsilonHyunh and Feldt's epsilon measure of sphericity
makeTransparentmakes ggplots with transparent elements
MauchlySphericityTestMauchly's test of Sphericity
measuresWithMissingDataMeasures with missing data
poolSDTransformpooled standard deviation transform
precisionMeasuresPrecision measures
precisionMeasureWithCustomDFConfidence intervals with custom degree of freedom
showSignificanceAnnotate significance of results on plots
ShroutFleissICC1Shrout and Fleiss intra-class correlation functions
slopeEffect description
subjectCenteringTransformsubject-centering transform
summaryStatisticsAdditional summary statistics
superbDataObtain summary statistics with correct error bars.
superb-packagesuperb: Summary Plots with Adjusted Error Bars
superbPlotsummary plot of any statistics with adjusted error bars.
superbPlot.barsuperbPlot 'bar' layout
superbPlot.boxplotsuperbPlot 'boxplot' layout
superbPlot.halfwidthlinesuperbPlot 'halfwidthline' layout
superbPlot.linesuperbPlot 'line' layout
superbPlot.lineBandsuperbPlot 'lineBand' layout
superbPlot.pointsuperbPlot 'point' layout
superbPlot.pointindividuallinesuperbPlot point and individual-line layout for...
superbPlot.pointjittersuperbPlot point-and-jitter dots layout
superbPlot.pointjitterviolinsuperbPlot point, jitter and violin plot layout
superbPlot.raincloudsuperbPlot 'raincloud' layout
superbShinyUser Interface to get summary plot of any statistics with...
superbToWidesuperbToWide: Reshape long data frame to wide, suitable for...
TMB1964rData of Tulving, Mandler, & Baumal, 1964 (reproduction of...
twoStepTransformtwo-step transform for subject centering and bias correction
WelchDegreeOfFreedomWelch's rectified degree of freedom
WinerCompoundSymmetryTestWiner's test of compound symmetry
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