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Spatial Data Analysis

activeCatActive category
addAdd (in place) a SpatRaster to another SpatRaster object or...
adjacentAdjacent cells
aggregateAggregate raster or vector data
alignAlign a SpatExtent
all.equalCompare two SpatRasters for equality
animateAnimate a SpatRaster
appApply a function to the cells of a SpatRaster
approximateEstimate values for cell values that are 'NA' by...
as.characterCreate a text representation of (the skeleton of) an object or SpatVector to data.frame
as.linesConversion to a SpatVector of lines
as.listCoerce a Spat* object to a list
as.pointsConversion to a SpatVector of points
as.polygonsConversion to a SpatVector of polygons
as.rasterCoerce to a "raster" object
atan2Two argument arc-tangent
autocorSpatial autocorrelation
barplotBar plot of a SpatRaster
boundariesDetect boundaries (edges)
boxplotBox plot of SpatRaster data
bufferCreate a buffer around vector geometries or raster patches
cCombine SpatRaster or SpatVector objects
catalyzeFactors to numeric
cellsGet cell numbers
cellSizeArea covered by each raster cell
clampClamp values
clamp_tsclamp time series data
classifyClassify (or reclassify) cell values
clickQuery by clicking on a map
coerceCoercion to vector, matrix or array
collapsetighten SpatRaster or SpatRasterDataset objects
colorsColor table
combineGeomsCombine geometries
compare-genericsCompare and logical methods
compareGeomCompare geometries of SpatRasters
concatsConcatenate categorical rasters
contourContour plot
convhullConvex hull, minimal bounding rotated rectangle, and minimal...
costDistCost distance
coverReplace values with values from another object
crdsGet the coordinates of SpatVector geometries or SpatRaster...
cropCut out a geographic subset
crsGet or set a coordinate reference system
datatypeData type of a SpatRaster or SpatVector
deepcopyDeep copy
densifyAdd additional nodes to lines or polygons
densityDensity plot
deprecateddeprecated methods
depthdepth of SpatRaster layers
diffLagged differences
dimensionsDimensions of a SpatRaster or SpatVector and related objects
disaggregateDisaggregate raster cells or vector geometries
distanceGeographic distance
dotsMake a dot-density map
drawDraw a polygon, line, extent, or points
elongateelongate lines
eraseErase parts of a SpatVector object
expanseGet the expanse (area) of individual polygons or for all...
extCreate, get or set a SpatExtent
extractExtract values from a SpatRaster
extractAlongextract values along lines
factorsCategorical rasters
fillRemove holes from polygons
fillTimeFill time gaps in a SpatRaster
flipFlip or reverse a raster
focalFocal values
focal3DThree-dimensional focal values
focalCppCompute focal values with an iterating C++ function
focalMatFocal weights matrix
focalPairsFocal function across two layers
focalRegFocal regression
focalValuesGet focal values
forceCCWforce counter-clockwise polygons
freqFrequency table
gapsFind gaps between polygons
gdalGDAL version, supported file formats, and cache size
geometryGet the geometry (coordinates) of a SpatVector
geomtypeGeometry type of a SpatVector
globalglobal statistics
graticuleCreate a graticule
gridDistDistance on a grid
haloAdd halo-ed text to a plot
headtailhead and tail of a SpatRaster or SpatVector
ifelseifelse for SpatRasters
imageSpatRaster image method
imposeImpose the geometry of a SpatRaster to those in a...
initInitialize a SpatRaster with values
inplaceChange values in-place
insetMake an inset map
interpIDWInterpolate points using a moving window
interpNearNearest neighbor interpolation
interpolateSpatial interpolation
is.boolRaster value types
is.emptyCheck if a SpatExtent or SpatVector is empty
is.lonlatCheck for longitude/latitude crs
is.rotatedCheck for rotation
is.validCheck or fix polygon or extent validity
lappApply a function to layers of a SpatRaster, or sub-datasets...
layerCorCorrelation and (weighted) covariance
legendadd a custom legend
linearUnitsLinear units of the coordinate reference system
linesAdd points, lines, or polygons to a map
makeTilesMake tiles
makeVRTMake a VRT header file
mappalmap.pal arrow
maskMask values in a SpatRaster or SpatVector
matchValue matching for SpatRasters
math-genericsGeneral mathematical methods
memMemory available and needed
mergeMerge SpatRasters, or merge a SpatVector with a data.frame
mergeTimemerge SpatRasters by timelines to create a single timeseries
metagsSet or get metadata
minmaxGet or compute the minimum and maximum cell values
modalmodal value
mosaicmosaic SpatRasters
NAflagSet the NA flag
namesNames of Spat* objects
na.omitFind and remove geometries that are NA
nearbynearby geometries
normalize.longitudenormalize vector data that crosses the dateline
northNorth arrow
not.nais not NA
pairsPairs plot (matrix of scatterplots)
panelMap panel
patchesDetect patches (clumps) of cells
perimPerimeter or length
perspPerspective plot
pletPlot with leaflet
plotMake a map
plot_extentPlot a SpatExtent
plot_graticulePlot a graticule
plotRGBRed-Green-Blue plot of a multi-layered SpatRaster
predictSpatial model predictions
projectChange the coordinate reference system
quantileQuantiles of spatial data
queryQuery a SpatVectorProxy object
rangeFillFill layers with a range
rastCreate a SpatRaster
rasterizeRasterize vector data
rasterizeGeomRasterize geometric properties of vector data
rasterizeWinRasterize points with a moving window
rclCombine row, column, and layer numbers
readwriteRead from, or write to, file
rectifyRectify a SpatRaster
regressCell level regression
relateSpatial relationships between geometries
repReplicate layers
replace_dollarReplace with $<-
replace_layersReplace layers or variables
replace_valuesReplace values of a SpatRaster
resampleTransfer values of a SpatRaster to another one with a...
RGBLayers representing colors
rollRolling (moving) functions
rotateRotate data along longitude
same.crsCompare coordinate reference systems
sampleTake a regular sample
sappApply a terra function that takes only a single layer and...
sbarscale bar
scaleScale values
scatterScatterplot of two SpatRaster layers
scoffScale (gain) and offset
sdsCreate a SpatRasterDataset
selectSpatial selection
selectHighselect cells with high or low values
selectRangeSelect the values of a range of layers, as specified by cell...
serializesaveRDS and serialize for SpatVector and SpatRaster*
setValuesSet the values of raster cells or of geometry attributes
shadeHill shading
sharedPathsShared paths
sieveSieve filter
simplifysimplifyGeom geometries
sortSort a SpatRaster or SpatVector
sourcesData sources of a SpatRaster
SpatExtent-classClass "SpatExtent"
SpatRaster-classSpatRaster class
SpatVector-classClass "SpatVector"
spinspin a SpatVector
srcCreate a SpatRasterCollection
subsetSubset a SpatRaster or a SpatVector
subset_dollarSubset a SpatRaster or a SpatVector
subset_doubleSubset a SpatRaster or a SpatVector
subset_singleExtract values from a SpatRaster, SpatVector or SpatExtent
substreplace cell values
svcCreate a SpatVectorCollection
symdifSymmetrical difference
tappApply a function to subsets of layers of a SpatRaster
terrainterrain characteristics
terra-packageDescription of the methods in the terra package
textAdd labels to a map
timetime of SpatRaster layers
tmpFileTemporary files
topologyVector topology methods
trimTrim a SpatRaster
unionUnion SpatVector or SpatExtent objects
uniqueUnique values
unitsunits of SpatRaster or SpatRasterDataSet
updateChange values in a file
valuesCell values and geometry attributes
varnamesvariable and long variable names
vectCreate SpatVector objects
vector_layersList or remove layers from a vector file
viewshedCompute a viewshed
voronoiVoronoi diagram and Delaunay triangles
vrtVirtual Raster Dataset
vrt_tilesfilenames of VRT tiles
weighted.meanWeighted mean of layers
whereWhere are the cells with the min or max values?
whichWhich cells are TRUE?
widthSpatVector geometric properties
windowSet a window
wrapwrap and unwrap
wrapCacheSpatRaster wrap with caching options
writeCDFWrite raster data to a NetCDF file
writeRasterWrite raster data to a file
writeVectorWrite SpatVector data to a file
xminGet or set single values of an extent
xyCellFromCoordinates from a row, column or cell number and vice versa
zonalZonal statistics
zoomZoom in on a map
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