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Holiday dates


Returns the date of a holiday.


holiday(year = getRmetricsOptions("currentYear"), Holiday = "Easter")



the function name (a character string or unquoted) of an ecclesiastical or public holiday in the G7 countries or Switzerland, see the list below. Can also be a character vector to specify several holidays.


an integer value or vector of years, formatted as YYYY.


Easter is the central ecclesiastical holiday. Many other holidays are related to this feast. The function Easter computes the dates of Easter and related ecclesiastical holidays for the requested year vector. holiday calculates the dates of ecclesiastical or publich holidays in the G7 countries, e.g. holiday(2003, "GoodFriday"). Rmetrics contains holiday functions automatically loaded at startup time. The user can add easily additional holiday functions. The information for the holidays is collected from several web pages about holiday calendars. The following ecclesiastical and public [HOLIDAY] functions in the G7 countries and Switzerland are available:

Holidays Related to Easter:

Septuagesima, Quinquagesima, AshWednesday, PalmSunday, GoodFriday, EasterSunday, Easter, EasterMonday, RogationSunday, Ascension, Pentecost, PentecostMonday, TrinitySunday CorpusChristi.

Holidays Related to Christmas:

ChristTheKing, Advent1st, Advent1st, Advent3rd, Advent4th, ChristmasEve, ChristmasDay, BoxingDay, NewYearsDay.

Other Ecclestical Feasts:

SolemnityOfMary, Epiphany, PresentationOfLord, Annunciation, TransfigurationOfLord, AssumptionOfMary, AssumptionOfMary, BirthOfVirginMary, CelebrationOfHolyCross, MassOfArchangels, AllSaints, AllSouls.

CHZurich - Public Holidays:

CHBerchtoldsDay, CHSechselaeuten, CHAscension, CHConfederationDay, CHKnabenschiessen.

GBLondon - Public Holidays:

GBEarlyMayBankHoliday, GBSpringBankHoliday GBSummerBankHoliday, GBNewYearsEve.

(The deprecated GBMayDay and GBBankHoliday are still available but strongly discouraged. Instead, use GBEarlyMayBankHoliday and GBSpringBankHoliday, respectively)

DEFrankfurt - Public Holidays:

DEAscension, DECorpusChristi, DEGermanUnity, DEChristmasEve, DENewYearsEve.

FRParis - Public Holidays:

FRFetDeLaVictoire1945, FRAscension, FRBastilleDay, FRAssumptionVirginMary, FRAllSaints, FRArmisticeDay.

ITMilano - Public Holidays:

ITEpiphany, ITLiberationDay, ITRepublicAnniversary, ITAssumptionOfVirginMary, ITAllSaints, ITWWIVictoryAnniversary, ITStAmrose, ITImmaculateConception.

USNewYork/USChicago - Public Holidays:

USNewYearsDay, USInaugurationDay, USMLKingsBirthday, USLincolnsBirthday, USWashingtonsBirthday, USMemorialDay, USIndependenceDay, USLaborDay, USColumbusDay, USElectionDay, USVeteransDay, USThanksgivingDay, USChristmasDay, USCPulaskisBirthday, USGoodFriday, USJuneteenthNationalIndependenceDay.

CAToronto/CAMontreal - Public Holidays:

CAVictoriaDay, CACanadaDay, CACivicProvincialHoliday, CALabourDay, CAThanksgivingDay, CaRemembranceDay.

JPTokyo/JPOsaka - Public Holidays:

JPNewYearsDay, JPGantan, JPBankHolidayJan2, JPBankHolidayJan3, JPComingOfAgeDay, JPSeijinNoHi, JPNatFoundationDay, JPKenkokuKinenNoHi, JPGreeneryDay, JPMidoriNoHi, JPConstitutionDay, JPKenpouKinenBi, JPNationHoliday, JPKokuminNoKyujitu, JPChildrensDay, JPKodomoNoHi, JPMarineDay, JPUmiNoHi, JPRespectForTheAgedDay, JPKeirouNoHi, JPAutumnalEquinox, JPShuubun-no-hi, JPHealthandSportsDay, JPTaiikuNoHi, JPNationalCultureDay, JPBunkaNoHi, JPThanksgivingDay, JPKinrouKanshaNohi, JPKinrou-kansha-no-hi, JPEmperorsBirthday, JPTennou-tanjyou-bi, JPTennou-tanjyou-bi.


an object of class "timeDate"


## holiday -
   # Dates for GoodFriday from 2000 until 2005:
   holiday(2000:2005, "GoodFriday")                  
   holiday(2000:2005, GoodFriday) # same (GoodFriday is a function)

   # Good Friday and Easter
   holiday(2000:2005, c("GoodFriday", "Easter"))                  
   holiday(2000:2005, c(GoodFriday, Easter))                  
## Easter -   

## GoodFriday -                           
   Easter(2000:2005, -2) 

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