AUC_Bailers_method: Calculate AUC for Sparse Data

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Calculate AUC for Sparse Data


This is an implementation of Bailors method for calculating AUCs with sparse sampling. It is taken from the following publication:

Nedelman, J. R., Gibiansky, E., & Lau, D. T. (1995). Applying Bailer's method for AUC confidence intervals to sparse sampling Pharmaceutical Research, 12(1), 124-128.


  conc_data = NULL,
  dsmap = list(NTIME = "NTIME", CONC = "CONC", ID = "ID")



data frame containing the sparse data


list with names specifying the columns:

  • NTIME Nominal time since last dose; "NTIME" (default)

  • CONC Concentration data; "CONC" (default)

  • ID Subject ID; ("ID" (default)


list with the following elements

  • isgood Boolean value indicating the result of the function call

  • AUC Mean AUC

  • var_AUC Variance of the AUC

  • msgs Sequence of strings contianing a description of any problems

  • obss Internal of observations

  • times Sequence of time corresponding to the rows of obs

  • r number of observations at each time point (rows correspond to rows of obs)

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