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Calculate Solution Statistics


Attempts to determine the variance/covariance matrix, confidence intervals and CV percent for a list of parameter estimates parameters. This method was taken from the ADAPT 5 User's Guide chapter 3.


solution_statistics(parameters, cfg)



list of parameter estimates


ubiquity system object


The returned list has the following format:

  • objective - objective function value

  • num_observations - number of observations

  • degrees_of_freedom - degrees of freedom

  • aic - Akaike information criterion

  • bic - Bayesian (Schwarz) information criterion

  • covariance - variance covariance matrix

  • wls - defined for weighted least squares objective with the following elements:

    • jacobian - Jacobian matrix

    • weights - diagonal matrix of weights

    • error_variance - diagonal matrix of variances

  • ml - defined for maximum likelihood objective with the following elements:

    • M - Jacobian matrix with block for variance parameters

  • coefficient_of_variation$pname - CV percent for parameter pname

  • confidence_interval$lower_bound$pname - Lower bound of the confidence interval for pname

  • confidence_interval$upper_bound$pname - Upper bound of the confidence interval for pname


list containing information about the provided estimates

See Also

Vignette on estimation (vignette("Estimation", package = "ubiquity"))

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