system_fetch_nca_columns: Columns in NCA Analysis

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system_fetch_nca_columnsR Documentation

Columns in NCA Analysis


Show the columns available in a given NCA analysis


system_fetch_nca_columns(cfg, analysis_name = "analysis")



ubiquity system object


string containing the name of the NCA analysis (default 'analysis')


list with the following elements:

  • isgood Boolean variable to identify if the function executed properly (TRUE) or if there were any errors (FALSE)

  • NCA_col_summary dataframe with the columns from the analysis in analysis_name (col_name - NCA short name, from - where the parameter was derived from, label - verbose text label for the column, and description, verbose text description of the parameter.

  • len_NCA_col maximum length of the col_name column

  • len_from maximum length of the from column

  • len_label maximum length of the label column

  • len_description maximum length of the description column

See Also

Vignette on NCA (system_nca_parameters_meta)

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