fetch_full_parameters: Create Full Parameter Vector from Estimation Subset

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fetch_full_parametersR Documentation

Create Full Parameter Vector from Estimation Subset


Can be used to take a subset of parameters (those being estimated and returned from ' system_estimate_parameters) into a full list of system parameters.


fetch_full_parameters(pest, cfg)



list containing subset of parameters being estimated


ubiquity system object


This function is used to build a full parameter set from a subset, and is normally used during parameter estimation in the observation details function when the entire parameter vector is needed to simulate the system.

The function select_set pulls out a parameter set and can optionally select only a subset for estimation:

pnames = c('Vp', 'CL')
cfg = system_select_set(cfg, "default", pnames)

The default values of this subset can be accessed in the following way:

pest = system_fetch_guess(cfg)

The estimation routines will work with this reduced parameter set, but to run simulations the full set is needed. The full values can be retrieved using the following:

parameters = fetch_full_parameters(pest, cfg) 


Full list of parameters with default values for the currently selected parameter set and the values in pest merged

See Also

system_fetch_guess, system_select_set

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