run_simulation_ubiquity: Simulate Individual Response

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Simulate Individual Response


Controls the execution of individual simulations with deSolve using either R scripts or loadable C libraries.


run_simulation_ubiquity(SIMINT_parameters, SIMINT_cfg, SIMINT_dropfirst = TRUE)



vector of parameters


ubiquity system object


when TRUE it will drop the first sample point (prevents bolus doses from starting at 0)


The simulation output is mapped (som) is a list. time-course is stored in the simout element.

  • The first column (time) contains the simulation time in the units of the simulation.

  • Next there is a column for each: State, output and system parameter

  • Models with covariate will contain the initial value (prefix: SIMINT_CVIC_) as well as the values at each time point

  • Each static and dynamic system parameter is also passed through

  • A column for each timescale is returned with a "ts." prefix.

See Also

Simulation vignette (vignette("Simulation", package = "ubiquity"))

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