#' Package-level documentation
#' Adds a dummy `.R` file that will prompt roxygen to generate basic
#' package-level documentation. If your package is named "foo", this will make
#' help available to the user via `?foo` or `package?foo`. Once you call
#' `devtools::document()`, roxygen will flesh out the `.Rd` file using data from
#' the `DESCRIPTION`. That ensures you don't need to repeat the same information
#' in multiple places. This `.R` file is also a good place for roxygen
#' directives that apply to the whole package (vs. a specific function), such as
#' global namespace tags like `@importFrom`.
#' @seealso The [documentation chapter](https://r-pkgs.org/man.html) of [R
#'   Packages](https://r-pkgs.org)
#' @export
use_package_doc <- function() {

package_doc_path <- function() {
  path("R", paste0(project_name(), "-package"), ext = "R")

has_package_doc <- function() {

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