The tidyverse is a bit stricter than base R regarding what kind of objects are considered as vectors (see the [user FAQ][faq-error-scalar-type] about this topic). Sometimes vctrs won't treat your class as a vector when it should.

Why isn't my list class considered a vector?

By default, S3 lists are not considered to be vectors by vctrs:

my_list <- structure(list(), class = "my_class")


To be treated as a vector, the class must either inherit from "list" explicitly:

my_explicit_list <- structure(list(), class = c("my_class", "list"))

Or it should implement a vec_proxy() method that returns its input if explicit inheritance is not possible or troublesome:

#' @export
vec_proxy.my_class <- function(x, ...) x


Note that explicit inheritance is the preferred way because this makes it possible for your class to dispatch on list methods of S3 generics:

my_generic <- function(x) UseMethod("my_generic")
my_generic.list <- function(x) "dispatched!"



Why isn't my data frame class considered a vector?

The most likely explanation is that the data frame has not been properly constructed.

However, if you get an "Input must be a vector" error with a data frame subclass, it probably means that the data frame has not been properly constructed. The main cause of these errors are data frames whose base class is not "data.frame":

my_df <- data.frame(x = 1)
class(my_df) <- c("data.frame", "my_class")


This is problematic as many tidyverse functions won't work properly:

dplyr::slice(my_df, 1)

It is generally not appropriate to declare your class to be a superclass of another class. We generally consider this undefined behaviour (UB). To fix these errors, you can simply change the construction of your data frame class so that "data.frame" is a base class, i.e. it should come last in the class vector:

class(my_df) <- c("my_class", "data.frame")


dplyr::slice(my_df, 1)

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