Man pages for xseq
Assessing Functional Impact on Gene Expression of Mutations in Cancer

cna.callTCGA AML SNP6.0 GISTIC copy number alteration calls
cna.logrTCGA AML SNP6.0 copy number alteration data
ConvertXseqOutputConvert xseq output to a data.frame
EstimateExpressionA mixture modelling approach to estiamte whether a gene is...
exprTCGA AML SNP6.0 gene expression data
FilterNetworkFilter network
GetExpressionDistributionGet the conditional distributions for a set of genes
ImputeKnnImpute missing values (NAs) using K-nearest neighbour...
InferXseqPosteriorLearn xseq parameters given an initialized model
InitXseqModelThe datastructure to store the xseq models
LearnXseqParameterLearn xseq parameters given an initialized model
mutTCGA AML somatic mutation data
netA networks containing gene associations
NormExprRemove the cis-effects of copy number alterations on gene...
PlotRegulationHeatmapHeatmap showing the connected genes' dysregulation...
QuantileNormQuantile normalize a matrix
SetXseqPriorSet model paramerter priors
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