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Analyze FRET Binding Data

detect_binding_modelDetect which binding model equation was used to fit a dataset
fit_binding_modelFit a binding model equation to the experimental binding data
fit_hillFit the Hill model equation to the experimental binding data
fit_hyperbolicFit the hyperbolic model equation to the experimental binding...
fit_quadraticFit the quadratic model equation to the experimental binding...
fp_average_replicatesAverage technical replicates from a fluorescence polarization...
fp_binding_dataA fluorecence polarization/anisotropy binding assay dataset
fp_calculate_pola_aniso_intCalculate fluorescence polarization and anisotropy from raw...
fp_format_dataFormat raw experimental fluorescence polarization or...
fp_format_one_datasetFormat a single fluorescence polarization or anisotropy...
fp_inspect_one_datasetInspect raw fluorescence data from a single FP binding assay
fp_inspect_raw_dataInspect raw fluorescence data from FP binding assays
fp_save_inspection_plotSave raw data plots from a single FP binding dataset
fp_use_signalChoose which signal to fit between fluorescence polarization...
fret_average_replicatesAverage technical replicates from a FRET experiment
fret_binding_dataA FRET binding assay dataset
fret_correct_one_datasetCorrect FRET signal for one experiment
fret_correct_signalCorrect FRET signal
fret_format_dataFormat raw experimental FRET binding data for subsequent...
fret_format_one_datasetFormat a single dataframe for subsequent processing
fret_inspect_one_datasetInspect raw fluorescence data from a single FRET binding...
fret_inspect_raw_dataInspect raw fluorescence data from FRET binding assays
fret_job_plotMake a figure with FRET stoichiometry data (Job plot)
fret_save_inspection_plotsSave raw data plots from a single FRET binding dataset
get_user_metadataLoad user-supplied metadata
guess_parametersGuess initial values for parameters of the binding model...
hillHill model equation
hyperbolicHyperbolic model equation
load_dataCheck and load input data
make_figureMake a figure with experimental data and fitted binding curve
make_one_figureMake a figure with data and binding curve from a single...
plan_experimentPlan a binding assay experiment
quadraticQuadratic model equation
read_filesRead files
rfretrfret: Analyze FRET binding data
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