Man pages for MathurinD/STASNet
Fit and Simulate Model from Perturbation Data

addLayerLinksGenerate a list of links between two layers with a...
addLinkadd Link routine
addPLinfosAdd the information provided by the profile likelihood in the...
addVariableParametersExtend a MRAmodelSet with relevant variable parameters
aggregateDirectPathsAggregate the paths values for plotting
cloneModelClone an MRAmodel or MRAmodelSet object
computeFitScoreCompute the fitting scores of a model
createDataSetImport multiple files to create a group of models
createModelCreates a parameterised model from experiment files and the...
createModelSetBuild an MRAmodelSet
createSimulationCreate simulated data
exportModelExports the model in a file
extractionExtraction of object from file or object
extractModelCoreExtracts the data, the experimental design and the structure...
extractSubmodelsExtract individual models from an MRAmodelSet
fitmodelFit and simulate model from perturbation data
generate_infosBuild infos vector from the parameters used to build the...
generateToyDesignGenerate an experimental design for a toy network
generateToyNetworkGenerate a fake network tab file
getCombinationMatrixCreate a perturbation matrix
getDirectPathsCompute direct paths for a model
getModelErrorCompute the error of the model
getParametersNamesReturn the paths corresponding to each parameter
getSamplesGet LHS samples
getSimulationSimulate the model for the experimental design used for the...
importModelImport model from a file
initModelPerform an initialisation of the model
modelGroupConstructor for modelGroup objects
MRAmodelConstructor for MRAmodel objects
MRAmodelSetConstructor for MRAmodelSet objects
mul_pathMultiply two paths (list of links with exponent)
niplotPLPlots the functionnal relations between each non identifiable...
plotHeatmapPlot a customized heatmap with a symmetrical scale that is...
plotModelAccuracyPlot heatmaps of the model simulation against the data...
plotModelGraphPlot the network used in the model
plotModelParametersPlot the parameters for a model or a list of models
plotModelScoresPlot the fitting scores of the model
plotModelScores.modelGroupPlot the measurement scores for a group of models
plotModelScores.MRAmodelPlot the scores of each antibody
plotModelSimulationPlot the predictions by the model
plotNetworkGraphPlot a graph from an adjacency list
plotParametersPlot parameters
plotParameters.modelGroupPlot the parameters of the models
plotResidualsPlot the residual of each model in the group
plotSimulationPlot predictions generated by simulateModel One plot per...
printParametersPrint the value of the parameters of the model
profileLikelihoodComputes the profile likelihood and the parameters...
readMIDASRead a MIDAS file
readNetworkAdjGet an adjacency matrix from a file
rebuildModelImport a saved model with data files
refitRefit the model
refitWithVariableParameterRefit modelset by iterative relaxation of single parameters
selectMinimalModelSelection of a minimal model by the removal of non...
setVariableParametersSet the variable parameters of a modelset
simulateModelGet the target simulations in a MIDAS design-like or list...
suggestExtensionTries to locally add one link each and returns a list of...
testModelComputes the fitting scores for a new parameter set
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