Man pages for Paradigm4/insight
GA4GH inspired R-API for SciDB

build_reference_gene_setBuild a reference gene set at user specified FeatureSet id
custom_scanwhether to use secure_scan or not
dao_get_entitydao code for 'get_ENTITY'
dao_search_rnaquantificationFaster implementation of 'search_rnaquantification' for UI...
dnaVariantsObjectVariant access object
full_arraynamefull name of array with namespace
get_entity_infoArrayExistsdoes infoArray exist for given entity
get_experimentretrieve all the experiments available to logged in user
get_individualsRetrieve individuals
get_logged_in_userReport logged in user
get_mandatory_fields_for_register_entitymandatory fields (internal function)
grant_admin_accessgrant scidbadmin access to studies 1:N
grant_initial_accessgrant initial access to a user
init_dbFunction to (potentially delete and) initialize arrays in...
list_datasetslist studies
list_ncol_in_aux_columnList count of sub-columns per row in a column that is a JSON...
list_nrow_in_aux_columnList count of sub-rows per row in a column that is a JSON...
list_userslist users registered with scidb
mandatory_fieldsmandatory fields
merge_aux_info_from_dfGet auxiliary information from a dataframe, and merge as JSON...
merge_aux_info_from_fileGet auxiliary information from a file, and merge as JSON...
pretty_printPretty print a large vector of strings, integers etc.
register_genelistRegister genelist
register_genelist_geneRegister gene symbols in a gene-list
register_gene_symbolregister gene_symbols
register_measurementsregister all measurements for a specific dataset
register_tuple_update_lookupRegister the mandatory fields and update lookup
run_tests_dataframeRun tests on data frame
scidb4ghGA4GH inspired and SciDB backed R API for genomic data
search_feature_by_synonymSearch features by synonym
search_fusionSearch Fusion data
search_individualsSearch individuals by dataset
search_versioned_secure_metadata_entityinternal function for search_METADATA()
select_from_1d_entityinternal function for get_METADATA()
set_permissionsset per study access permissions for a user
show_dataset_permissionsshow study permissions
show_user_permissionsshow user permissions
test_non_null_ontology_elementsTest that all ontology entries are non-null
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