Defines functions genePlot

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#' Plot of means and inter-quantile ranges of all genes.
#' \code{genePlot} plots the means vs. the inter-quantile ranges of the gene
#' 	expression values of all genes with the possibility to highlight interesting sets of genes.
#' @param Y A matrix of gene expression values or an object of the class \code{simualteGEdata}.
#' @param index A vector of indices of genes of interest to be displayed in a different color, if \code{index=NULL} no genes are highlighted.
#' @param legend A character string describing the highlighted genes.
#' @param col.h The color of the highlighted genes.
#' @param title A character string describing the title of the plot.
#' @return \code{genePlot} returns a plot.
#' @examples
#' Y<-simulateGEdata(500, 500, 10, 2, 5, g=NULL, Sigma.eps=0.1, 250, 100, check.input=TRUE)
#' try(dev.off(), silent=TRUE)
#' genePlot(Y, index=1:100, legend="Expressed genes", title="IQR-Mean Plot")
#' @author Saskia Freytag
#' @export
					Y, # simulateGEdata object or matrix 
					index=NULL, # index of genes that should be highlighted
					legend=NULL, # description
	if(is.simulateGEdata(Y)) Y<-Y$Y				
	tmpIQR<-apply(Y, 2, function(x) findIQR(x))
	plot(tmpMeans, tmpIQR, col="gray", pch=20, xlab="Means", ylab="IQR", main=paste(title), bty="l")
		points(tmpMeans[index], tmpIQR[index], col=col.h, pch=20)
		legend("topright",legend=legend, text.col=c(col.h), bty="n")			
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