Man pages for QTCAT/qtcat
Quantitative Trait Cluster Association Test

alleleFreqAllele Frequency.
alleleFreq-snpMatrix-methodAllele frequency
as.matrix-snpMatrix-methodAs matrix method for snpMatrix
as.snpMatrixA snpMatrix constructor
claransK-medoids clustering of SNPs using randomized search
cutClustCut a qtcatClust object
distCorCorrelation based distance between SNPs
hetFreqHeterozygosity Frequency.
identicalsPerfect simiarity clusters of SNP
imputeMedoidsImpute missing information at medoid SNPs
imputeSnpImpute missing information at a medoid SNPs from a group of...
imputeSnpIterImpute missing information at a medoid SNPs from a group of...
imputeSnpMatrixImpute allele in formation to SNPs with missing data
lmQtcFitting a Linear Model to QTCs
medoQtcFind medoids of QTCs
naFreqMissing Data Frequency.
naFreq-snpMatrix-methodNA frequency
plotQtcPlot resulting QTCs of the Hierarchical Inference Test
plotSelFreqPlot markers selection frequencies of the Hierarchical...
qtcatClustHierarchical clustering for big SNP data sets.
qtcatGenoA genotype object constructor
qtcatHitFitting Hierarchical Inference Testing
qtcat-packageQuantitative Trait Cluster Association Test
qtcatPhenoA phenotype object constructor
qtcatQtcSummarize results of Hierarchical Inference Test
read.snpDataRead SNP tables as a snpMatrix object
rename.leafsRename dendrogram leafs
snpInfoExtract genomic position and allele information.
snpInfo-qtcatHit-methodGet position from qtcatHit object
snpInfo-snpMatrix-methodGet position from snpMatrix
snpMatrix-classA S4 class to represent a SNP-matrix
sub-snpMatrix-ANY-ANY-missing-methodSubsetting snpMatrix
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