Man pages for RGLab/cytoqc
Quality control and standardization of cytometry data

cf_get_panelExtract channel/marker info from a cytoframe object
cqc_cf_listConstruct a 'cqc_cf_list' object from a list of 'cytoframe'...
cqc_checkPerform a QC check on flow data.
cqc_clusterCluster groups based on the result of cqc_check
cqc_deleteDelete methods for cyto data
cqc_drop_groupsRemove outlier groups from the result of 'cqc_check'.
cqc_fixApply the cqc_solution
cqc_fix_panelUpdate panel info
cqc_get_dataExtract the data from the result of a 'cqc_check' call.
cqc_gsConstruct a 'cqc_gs' object from a 'GatingSet'
cqc_gs_listConstruct a 'cqc_gs_list' object from a list of 'GatingSet'...
cqc_insertinsertion methods for cyto data
cqc_load_fcsLoad cqc_data
cqc_matchfind the the difference between the reference and target...
cqc_match_updateManual update/delete the match report
cqc_plotSpecialized plots for objects from the 'cytoqc' package
cqc_recommendFind solution to resolve the discrepancy discovered by...
cqc_set_panelUpdate panel info
cqc_updateUpdate methods for cyto data
cqc_write_fcsWrite out tidied flow data ('cqc_cf_list') back to fcs or h5
cytoqc-packagecytoqc: Quality control and standardization of cytometry data
diff.cqc_checkDisplay the differences among QC groups
knit_print.cqc_check_summaryCustomized knit print for cqc_check_summary
plot_diffvisualize the tree structure difference among the GatingSets
split.cqc_checkSplit the result of 'cqc_check' into groups
split.cqc_clusterSplit the result of 'cqc_cluster' into groups
summary.cqc_checkProvide the summary view of the cqc_check report.
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