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An R Package for managing FastQC reports and other NGS related log files inside R. Except for some periodic minor bug fixes, this branch is the current release which is also available from the Bioconductor website. To install this package for Bioconductor <= 3.6 (R <= 3.4.4) please use the drop down menu above to change to the branch Bioc3.6, and follow the instructions there. Versions for Bioc releases 3.9 and 3.10 are also available as branches from this repository.


To install required packages follow the instructions below.



The paper for the package can be found here. For a detailed usage guide please see here.


A Graphical User Interface (Shiny App) has been developed for interactive inspection of many FastQC reports. The ngsReports shiny app can be installed here.

Tools Supported (By Category)

Quality control

Adapter removal and trimming

Mapping and alignment

Transcript/gene quantificaiton

Genome assembly


Please cite our paper:

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