Man pages for VladaMilch/pdProbeRemap
What the package does (short line)

AlignmentsThe Alignments class
alignments2parsedDataWhat function does (short)
alignments2probesetsRawWhat function does (short)
Alignments_class_exampleExample of an object of class 'Alignments'
annotate.G.alignmentannotates probes genomic alignment
annotate.non25M.genomic.transcrits_wiseMap non-25M genomic mapppings to transcripts coordinates
annotate.T.alignmentannotate Transcriptomic Alignment data.frame
annotation2fastawrite probes in FASTA
Annotation_exampleExample of an annotation 'data.frame'
build_new_ParsedDataOld_object_PGFbuild new ParsedDataOld object PGF or CDF
cigar2_leftcigar - to - length of the left exon mapping
cigar2_rightcigar - to - length of the right exon mapping
cleanProbeSetsfilter out small probe sets
filter.T.alignmentfilter out non-unique transcriptomic mappings
getExonExonBorderWhat function does (short)
makeNewAnnotationPackageWhat function does (short)
make_objects_for_reannotationConverts ProbeSets to package building input
makeOriginalPackageObjectmake original annotation object
processAlignmentsRead probe alignments from a directory
read.samRead SAM files.
seed_exampleExample of an object used for annotation package building
star.command.makegenerate command for STAR aligner
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